Halloween Tutu

Halloween Tutu

It’s been said, “Life is better in a tutu.” I am not sure who said that, but my two-year-old put on a tutu the other day and her eyes just sparkled a little bit more. Plus, I could barely get the tutu off her.  

So, this month’s DIY features tutus, tulle and trick-or-treating!

An easy way to make a costume is to create a no-sew tutu and find the accessories needed to complete your project.

Tutu Cute Character Ideas:                         

·         Ghost – long white tulle tutu dress, attach felt face and white headband.

·         Black cat – black tulle short tutu, black leotard, black tights, cat ears, a tail and painted whiskers.

·         Scarecrow – fall colored tulle layered into a long tutu dress, floppy straw hat and painted nose.

If you have a character in mind, I am sure you can come up with a tulle tutu skirt to get your costume started.

Follow these easy steps to make your own tutu.

First, who is your character? I decided I would do two for this DIY spot – a Scarecrow for the blog and Little Bo Peep for the TV DIY.

Next, I gathered my materials. At Charmed by Heirlooms we reuse items that are donated to Heirlooms for Hospice, so I didn’t want to go out and buy all the tulle needed to make a full tutu. Instead, I used tulle we had in our studio along with material that also fit the color scheme of each character.

After selecting material you need, cut it into 2” strips. These don’t need to be exact, just eyeball it.  The length depends on who you are making the tutu for. We decided to use the cutest little girl we know at the moment, my daughter Reagan.  I also wanted this to be a tutu dress, so we left the length longer, about 20 inches to fit her.

The strips of fabric were looped over a neutral ribbon. This is truly a no-sew tutu by using the ribbon as our anchor and straps. The ribbon was strung up in our studio and we looped the fabric on. The key to making a full tutu is to loop fabric on and then push it close together. Repeat this the many times, pushing your fabric strips close together.

Next, try the tutu on your little character. See how it fits. The ribbon anchor works great with a tutu dress because I simply tied the tutu in the front and then pulled the straps around Reagan’s neck. The tutu was heavy from the fabric, so I then looped the ribbon through the band on the back and secured it up a bit more.

With the tutu on your model, trim the tutu up for a consistent length. I somehow managed to trim the whole tutu while Reagan stood there. If that doesn’t work, use your trimmed pieces as a guide.

The last step in fully completing a DIY tutu costume is accessorizing your tutu. For the scarecrow, we made a hat out of upholstery fabric scraps and added a painted nose. For Little Bo Peep, a blue velvet cape and shepherd’s staff.

Follow our easy DIY steps to make your own tutu. Make sure to shop Charmed by Heirlooms and Heirlooms for Hospice for all your Halloween costume and décor needs.



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