New Year's Door Hangings

New Year's Door Hangings

Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you, but time of year feels a little cold and dull. Happy from all the previous months celebrations and exuberances we slowly pack away the twinkling lights and cheerful decorations until next year. The house feels a little empty. There are no lights to welcome me home, no decorations in the yard to give me a cheerful smile.

This got me thinking, what can we do to add a little beauty and color for the new year? Especially on our doors where we welcome guests, family and friends (and where we might need a little beauty this time of year to greet us, as well). 

We have incredible volunteers who create floral design for Charmed by Heirlooms. This last month I asked them to bring some cheer to our front doors for the New Year. Here are a few of the very creative designs they came up with (which are available for sale at the store).  I love the ice skates and bird house!                                  



These floral designers have some major skills when it comes to creating beauty, but the truth is, anyone can create designs like these with a few tools.  Find a creative holder (like the ice skates), use some floral foam, choose your greenery and add embellishments!


For those of you who might want to start a little more elementary (I am raising my hand here), I came up with a few very simple New Year’s Door Hangers that ANYBODY could create!

Step #1:Collect wood. I started with two simple pieces of wood that can be purchased at a hardware or hobby store.

Step #2: Paint.We painted the wood with our Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ® available at Charmed by Heirlooms. Of course, any paint would work for these!


Step #3: Write your message.You can use a stencil or simply hand write a message on your wooden pieces.  I went the simple and easy route and just wrote my message by hand with a Sharpie ®… seriously simple!

Step #4: Secure wood.I put the wood pieces together with some embellishments and some ribbon.  I used a hot glue gun. Voila… a quick and easy door hanger to add a light bright light this time of year.

Not only will you have something joyful to greet you each time you enter your house, but you will have pride in knowing you made it yourself!  Here is to overcoming the cold and bringing warmth to your heart!




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