Stenciled Pillow Bands

Stenciled Pillow Bands

An easy way to add a change to your décor this summer is to create a stencil band for your indoor or outdoor pillows.

We are currently displaying some patriotic summer pillows that our volunteers have been working on for several weeks.  These pillows have turned out so precious – combining an old farm house with red, white and blue.

This got us thinking…

How could we create a new look to our existing décor without a lot of expense, time or effort, but still make a fun patriotic statement?

We came up with the idea of stenciled pillow bands!  Use your existing pillow, pick a complimentary fabric, buy or cut-out a stencil, paint and voila! 

You know, with Memorial Day right around the corner and with 4th of July on its heels, this is the perfect project for this weekend!

Here are the steps to making your very own stenciled band for your pillows:


Step 1:  Begin with your starter pillow.

If you don’t have one, you can visit Charmed by Heirlooms and choose from the many style we have available for purchase.


Step 2: Measure the distance around the pillow and cut, to length, a complementary fabric for the pillow.

Step 3:  Print out or purchase a stencil.

Here is a cool hint… If you print out a stencil on freezer paper and gently cut it out with an exact-o knife, you can then iron the freezer paper onto the fabric! This way it can hold tight while you paint.  WOW!  That’s a great tip!


Step 4:Paint the stencil.

We use Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan®, but any fabric paint will do. 


Step 5:Fasten the fabric band.

If you sew - you can sew the band.  If not, there are some other easy options like Velcro or hot glue.


Now you can change looks on your pillows for every season with just a few simple easy steps! 

If you aren’t ready to tackle this project then you can just come on down to Charmed by Heirlooms and purchase your very own patriotic pillows for the summer season!



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