Wine Bottle Sleeves

Wine Bottle Sleeves

How often do you accept an invitation to a dinner party, picnic or patio party and bring a bottle of wine as a host gift?


This month we are going to show you how you can add a little flair and personal touch by making a quick and easy wine bottle sleeve.


These are super simple and can be made by even the most amateur crafter or sewer. Or, if you would rather buy one, please come down to Charmed by Heirlooms where you will find a wide variety of choices for any occasion made by our talented volunteers!


Step 1 – Take a men’s shirt and cut off the sleeve. Measure the height of your wine bottle and cut the sleeve to the appropriate size.




Step 2 – Sew the bottom edge of the sleeve shut. If you do not have a sewing machine, you can hand-stitch the bottom or even use fabric glue. Just make sure the raw ends are together and inside the sleeve.


Step 3 – Insert your wine bottle and embellish with a ribbon, bow-tie or anything creative.



So, next time you want to make an extra special statement when giving wine as a gift you can make your very own wine bottle sleeve! Your host will be so surprised and impressed by your crafty talent!




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