Suitcase Side Table

Suitcase Side Table

This DIY project is one that has been on our to-do list for a couple of years now. You wouldn’t think it would take years to do a DIY, right? Well, once we actually started the project it didn’t take very long at all.  

Here is how we created our designer suitcase side tables.

With the help of donations to Heirlooms for Hospice, we used older suitcases. They are the older, hard suitcases with flat sides. The other key about these suitcases – when they open – they open to a 90°angle. They can’t open all the way flat, because they would tip your table over if they are opened.  We want them to open because the side table will be useful for storage.

Steps to creating:

Paint the suitcases.Using our favorite Chalk Paint®by Annie Sloan, we painted and waxed the suitcases to hide the years of wear and tear. We even added a decorative element with a French stripe.

Create table legs.We used legs from a broken-down table and cut them down in height making our table 23 inches tall (standard side table height in case you were wondering.) The table legs were also painted to match the table design.

Secure the table legs to the suitcase.We used MDF board cut to fit inside the suitcase and also used it as an anchor. This step is key in creating the stability of the suitcase side table. Then we covered the MDF board with fabric to add a little more designer flare and fun.

Just like that our suitcase side table is complete. Stop into Charmed by Heirlooms to check them out. They are one of a kind, beautifully finished and would make a great accent piece in any room.  









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