Wooden Stockings

Wooden Stockings

When it comes to designing and selling seasonal décor, the items created must be unique and stylish. It takes many creative hands and thoughtful minds to make the one-of-a-kind items you find at Charmed by Heirlooms. One Christmas item we made this year was the wooden stocking.

A wooden stocking, you say? Yes, a wooden stocking. This stocking isn’t for functionality, it is purely for aesthetics.  

So, here is a quick and easy DIY for all of our DIY fans!

Create your wooden stocking out of old wood. We were fortunate enough to have a couple large slabs of old barn wood donated. We created the stockings out of one single piece. You could also create your stocking out of pallet wood and have a slated wooden stocking.

The dimensions of our stockings were 14” by 10” at the highest and widest points. Make your stocking unique by designing it to be long and skinny or short and wide. Decide on the size and shape based upon where you plan to hang your stocking. Do you need one big stocking? Or many little stockings?

Our stockings are perfect for door hangers, mantel décor or wall art.

The raw barn wood stockings were a little drab and needed some holiday cheer. So we painted them in traditional holiday colors – red, white and green.  They really brought the stockings into the holiday season.

Stocking hangers were then created out of 3” pieces of twine connected at the corner. The placement of the twine makes the stocking hang at a slight angle, just like they would above your fireplace.

To finish the stockings we embellished with seasonal greenery, picks and ribbon. We used a staple gun to attach or fasten the greenery and picks into place. Then, we anchored the ribbon to the greenery with some floral wire.

Consider making your stocking into a photo holder with clothespins or crisscrossed twine. Maybe stencil on a holiday message. The possibilities are endless depending on how you plan to use your stocking.

And if your holiday season is already too busy for Christmas crafts, come and shop our handmade selection of Holiday décor at Charmed by Heirlooms. 



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