Wool Wrapped Christmas Trees

Wool Wrapped Christmas Trees


Wool Wrapped Christmas Trees
Have you ever had a material or yarn you wanted to make into something wonderful but were unsure of what it was you wanted to create?  That is almost a weekly occurrence at Charmed by Heirlooms. People think of us when they are cleaning out their craft rooms and share their wonderful collections with us. From buttons to material to yarn. You name it, we might have it in our studio. 

One of the most unique donations we have ever received was roving made of alpaca wool. Roving is a thick and chunky version of yarn.  When we got this donation I knew we had to do something fantastic with it, but the question remained… what to do?
And the questioned remained that way for two years, as the alpaca roving sat on our material shelves until the perfect project came about. And this year as we prepped for our Christmas projects, the perfect project did come about.

The idea was a yarn Christmas tree, but yarn was so every day and didn’t have that extra something to make these Christmas Trees special. And as we looked through our yarn supplies all the sudden we spotted the creamy Alpaca roving. The moment you finally have the perfect project for your treasured material you have been saving. (This moment might have included a few happy squeals. How can you not react like a 5-year-old on their birthday when you get to use that perfect material?)

This project was so fun and so easy, we thought we would share our DIY steps with you too.

Materials needed
  • Tree bases and trunks–thick tree branches were cut into 2” chunks and rebar was inserted to act as a tree trunk.
  • Styrofoam cones – 3 different sizes were used in this project.
  • Roving or a yarn you love.
  • T – pins to secure your roving.
  • Ribbon to embellish your tree.
  • Gorilla glue to secure your tree trunk to your tree. (No hot glue when using Styrofoam. If you suggest such a thing your volunteers will give you that look. Do you know what I mean?) 

To begin this project insert your tree trunk into the center of your Styrofoam cone. Then remove the base and start wrapping your Styrofoam cone with whatever material you have chosen. (I will refer to this as roving from here forward, since we used roving.)
Simply secure the roving at the tip of the tree with a t-pin and begin to wrap around the cone tightly. Simply turn the cone in your hands as your wrap to make it very simple. Every so often insert another t-pin to secure the roving in place. For added texture you can also knot the roving as you make your way down the tree. Our trees have about five knots each. Wrap all the way to the bottom and then secure on the bottom of the Styrofoam cone, covering the flat base of the cone with roving as well.
The creamy trees were stunning but needed a little something else. So, we added a taupe colored velvet ribbon in 3 to 5 places throughout each tree. This added a little more depth and dimension and finished them perfectly. Simple and stunning all at once.
The final step is to secure the tree base with Gorilla Glue. Simply apply the glue to the tree trunk and insert it back into the hole you already created in your Styrofoam cone earlier. Give the glue ample time to dry to ensure your tree is securely anchored to the tree base. 
And now the fun part, incorporate your tree into your Holiday décor. And of course, come shop Charmed by Heirlooms for holiday decorating ideas and unique holiday décor finds.



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